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The Story of the Oxford Womens’ Social Club

Motto: “Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun!”

It all began in 2004 when Linda Grunewald who lived in Oxford, Michigan was going through a divorce.  Not knowing anyone in her area, she placed a newspaper ad seeking other women who wanted to meet and do fun things together. To her shock married, single, divorced and widowed women responded in droves, a group was formed locally under the name Oxford Womens’ Social Club, and hundreds of close friendships developed.

After many years of success with the club Linda decided to start another organization in 2011 called Women Fun and Friendship as a way for women to meet online and then in person at fun events.  Meeting online broadened the group and now covers the entire Metro-Detroit area.  This too she opened to women of all ages, and by the beginning of 2013 it had 215 online members.

There seems to be a universal need for women everywhere to find ways to meet new girlfriends and form lasting friendships.

The two groups have now been combined into Women Fun and Friendship and can be found at  http://www.meetup.com/welovefun-troy/

There is no charge to received notification of our events as they are posted.  Just click on the “Join Us” button at the above link, fill out a profile, add a photo, and you’re in.  To attend our events we require the purchase of an annual membership or a $10 event fee each time you RSVP.

Read all the details and what we require here:


Then just RSVP for the events you wish to attend and come join us for the FUN!

Warning!  There is much Laughing Out Loud at our events and no drama.

You will LOVE us!